What are the differences between SugarSync and ZumoDrive?

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Let us understand the concepts of SugarSync and ZumoDrive before learning the differences between them.


It is one of the longest-running cloud back-up services around started in year 2004. It is a convenient way to back up, sync, and access files from anywhere, anytime. It is one of the simplest file syncing services we have ever seen.

It can sync and securely access our files from the cloud in seconds. It can also save, view, and edit our documents across multiple devices and can manage and share our files the way we want.


The features of SugarSync are as follows −

  • In SugarSync we can safely access and share our files and folders from anywhere.

  • Multi-Folder Syncing

  • Online Backup

  • Sync Any Device

  • File Sharing with Anyone

  • Security & Protection

  • Easy Restoration

  • Mobile Apps


The advantages of SugarSync are as follows −

  • Speed

  • Automatic backup

  • Reliability

  • Sync files

  • Share files and folders

  • Stability


The disadvantages of SugarSync are as follows −

  • Non-existent customer support

  • Duplicate folder

  • After 30 days free version, no longer exists

  • Price is too high

  • Resources decreases


It was owned by Zecter in the year 2009 and is the hybrid cloud storage which is used to store all your media. It is supported by Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, webOS operating system.

It is designed to connect to the Internet and adds a Windows Firewall. When we install it, it will add a context menu handler to the Windows shell in order to provide quick access to the program.

zumodrive.exe is an executable program which has seen to consume an average CPU of less than one percent, and utilizes about 44.63 MB of memory.

The users can store and sync files online in ZumoDrive, and also between computers using their Hybrid Cloud storage solution. It is extraordinarily simple to use, transparent when it comes to your device experience, and equally functional on whichever platforms your various devices may run on.


The features of Zumodrive are as follows −

  • Share files and folders.

  • Scheduled backup

  • File protection

  • Sync Folder

  • Scheduled Backup.

  • Resumes after Interruption.

  • Incremental Backup.


The advantages of Zumodrive are as follows −

  • Cloud storage of ZumoDrive works like a regular hard drive on your computer

  • It has Automatic Sync

  • ZumoDrive is Safe and Secure


The disadvantages of Zumodrive are as follows −

  • Large storage plans are expensive

  • We will lose data and files if we delete our cache files on the computer.

  • We have to go through the entire import process again to update iTunes, if we add new music files to ZumoDrive.


The major differences between ZumoDrive and SugarSync are as follows −

It was owned by Zecter Incorporation in the year 2009It was launched by J2Global in the year 2009
ZumoDrive offers 2 GB free storage space.It does not offer free storage space
Maximum storage size offered was 500 GB in ZumoDrive.The maximum storage capacity of SugarSync is 60 GB.
Maximum file had no limit in ZumoDrive.SugarSync file size unlimited.
ZumoDrive provides file hosting service and file synchronization service.SugarSync offers file synchronization, cloud storage service and a file hosting service.
ZumoDrive did not have client-side encryption.SugarSync files stored are encrypted.
ZumoDrive was suspended in 2012.SugarSync is still in use.
ZumoDrive had freeware versionSugarSync does not have freeware version
ZumoDrive supports Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS and Palm webOS operating systems.SugarSync supports Windows, OS X, Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems.
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