What are the best tricks to manage multiple tasks at the same time?

Life is no longer a simple journey. It is complex and tiring and requires a lot of work to be completed within a short spell of time to meet arduous deadlines. Hence, it is extremely important to understand the tricks and hacks in the art of multi-switching rather than multi-tasking which helps a person do many things in one day with dedication and concentration in totality.

Make A Schedule and Write It Down

Many people fail to deal with multiple affairs at the same time and get stressed out due to the simple reason of not scheduling it properly. Write it in sticky notes, notebooks, or any other materials on what are the tasks to be done in a particular time spell. For e.g. In this one hour, I will send 5 emails and draft 2 letters. Your goals have to be measurable.


The skill to prioritize your work is one of the keys to be a successful employee or student today. Learn to prioritize the work based on the nature of its importance. Categorize the different work segments into very important, important, and relatively less important. This will help you in achieving targets which are important in a faster and easier manner. Always try and select hard stuff first and complete them. This will allow you to manage the easier ones better while also leaving some free time once the targets are achieved.

Have An optimistic Approach

Dealing with many things at the same time is no easy task, but all of us are doing it mainly to achieve our goals. The people who have been successful in their lives have made all the difference with their positivism. When you know you have many things to be completed at the same time, have a hopeful, positive and optimistic attitude to look at things. Always believe in the mantra that ‘I can do it and I will do it’. This helps in giving your own self-high self-esteem and self-confidence. Try to stay calm and composed even when you have a lot of work-load.

Time Management and Planning

These two components go hand in hand. Each and every individual has 24 hours to succeed or fail in a target. Hence, plan wisely keeping the time constraints and deadlines in mind. Planning successfully also implies planning in advance for some work segments. Planning has to be divided into short-term and long-term work segments. Keep the buffer time in planning your work schedule. Thus, planning is instrumental in executing it effectively in time slots in a given day’s schedule.