What are the health benefits of tamarind?

Tamarind is a delectable, sweet natural fruit that has wide uses and applications, both for therapeutic and culinary purposes. It is a medium-sized tree with long and darker shells in the shape of pods. Tamarind fruit is found inside as a sticky and juicy mash. It can be taken in many ways like as fruit, can be added to sweets once it is ripe, or it can be dried into a spice. It is frequently utilized as jams and sauces and is even dried and handled into candies in some countries.

Digestive Health

Tamarind is viewed as a laxative for a long time, and its dietary fiber content likely has something to do with it. Eating tamarind as an organic fruit or as a flavor can expand the productivity of your digestive system, while the fiber can bulk your stool up, making it travel through the smooth muscles of the intestinal tract freely. Tamarind also promotes the action of bile, which can help disintegrate food quickly, and the accelerates digestion by stimulating gastric juices.

Heart Health

Studies done on tamarind have indicated that it is highly capable of decreasing blood cholesterol and blood pressure. The fiber content in tamarind surely has something to do with lowering cholesterol, since it is known to scrape abundant LDL cholesterol from the blood vessels. The reduction of blood pressure is due to the presence of potassium in it.


Iron is found in surplus in tamarind, One serving can give over 10% of your everyday requirement. A good supply of iron in the body ensures the best possible red platelet number in the body, which can guarantee suitable oxygenation of various muscles and organs that need oxygen to work legitimately. Likewise, press insufficiency brings about iron deficiency, which is described by shortcoming, exhaustion, cerebral pains, psychological scatters, and stomach issues.

Nerve Function

One of the most important vitamin components of tamarind is the B complex. Thiamine is a standout vitamin family and is found in high amounts inside tamarind. Thiamine is in charge of enhancing nerve functions, and motor controls also, which can enable you to stay dynamic, keep up your reflexive, and remain strong.

Weight reduction

A rare compound that can be removed from tamarinds is hydroxy citric acid (HCA). HCA is associated with weight reduction since it has been appealed to obstruct the chemical in the body that particularly stores fat. Moreover, tamarind has been known to enhance the appetite by expanding the serotonin neurotransmitter.

Anti-Inflammatory Capacity

The basic oils of tamarind have been associated with anti-inflammatory capacities, including a decrease of joint pains, eye irritations, rheumatic conditions, and inflammation. Tamarind has demonstrated a soothing and anti-inflammatory capability and is in this way utilized as a herbal remedy.

Immune System

Tamarind has high levels of vitamin C making it a perfect approach to strengthen the immune system and guarantee long-term protection from microbial and fungal diseases. It additionally decreases the occurrences of parasites in the body because of its disinfectant and antimicrobial impacts. It was particularly used to destroy the stomach worms in kids in tropical zones where tamarind is cultivated in abundance.

Updated on: 26-Jun-2020


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