What are some hidden features of Google Drive?

To enjoy the facilities of Google Drive all you need is to have an email account with Google or have a Gmail account. Google Drive can also be accessed online through your Google account or simply set up a new account by using the Create Account link on the sign-in page. Given below are the best features offered by Google Drive that are too hard to miss.

These are as follows

  • Backup anything: The cloud storage service lets you store all your irreplaceable photos, files, and documents. In fact attachments from Gmail can be directly saved to the drive. One can backup up to 15 GB of files and documents for free as a backup. In case you want to make changes to the file on your system, the changes are automatically made to the file as long as it is within the Drive app.

  • Streaming Music Online: Suppose you wish to stream music online but have your own collection. Then all you need to do is simply sync your music collection with Google Drive. This will not only create music backup but will also let you stream your music from anywhere you have an internet connection. This same process can be used to backup files and documents. Simple drag and drop the entire music folder to the drive.

  • Converting PDFs to Texts: Sometimes you want to do more to a PDF than just reading it. Like modifying it a bit etc. So, Google Drive has a built-in PDF converter. That lets you edit the text or simply convert the entire document into a fillable form. All you need to do is right click on the file you wish to convert and then select the Open With, then choose Google Docs. Now, Resize the blue border. Now you can edit, modify within Google Docs.