What Are Some Alternative Terms for a "Digital Marketing Director" or "Digital Marketer"?

Marketing is a process used to promote, sell, and distribute a product or service. It involves working together with other people to create effective programs and campaigns. There are numerous marketing roles available in various industries and organizations, and if you're interested in working in this field, you have a wide variety of opportunities to choose from.

Job titles for digital marketing have changed as the field has changed. You might have come across outdated job titles on Indeed.com. For instance, the term "internet marketer" just sounds incredibly odd. Here, you will find some common digital marketing terms that are up-to-date and attractive to potential candidates. We also have some job titles that you might want to avoid.

What is General Marketing?

A typical marketing professional is usually a generalist who has a broad range of responsibilities and skills. This role is typically held in smaller organizations or companies with limited resources. A marketing manager is responsible for overseeing all aspects of a company's marketing activities.

This individual is responsible for overseeing the various activities of a company's marketing department, such as creating content, managing email campaigns, and planning social media posts. They also support the sales team and other internal functions.

A senior-level marketing leader can be grouped with other marketing disciplines under general management. For instance, the CMO of a company is responsible for all of the organization's marketing activities, including the promotion of the company's brand and the development of new products and services. This individual is also accountable for working with the other board members and chief executives to create a bold vision for the company's future.

The CMO is usually a vice president who is responsible for overseeing all aspects of a company's marketing activities. He or she is also accountable for working with the other board members and chief executives to create a bold vision for the company's future. This individual is skilled at uniting diverse teams under one common goal and developing marketing strategies that can achieve measurable results.

Difference Between Inbound and Outbound Marketing

In the past, most marketing was done through paid advertising, also known as outbound marketing. This type of marketing involves asking your potential customers to purchase something by interrupting them with your message. Some examples of this include billboards and pop-up ads.

Today, due to the rise of ad blockers and interruptive advertising, many marketers are not relying on outbound marketing alone. They need to implement other strategies to reach their goals.

Unlike outbound marketing, which is a relatively new approach, inbound marketing is a type of marketing that involves creating content that will appeal to your target audience.

Inbound marketing is focused on getting the customer to contact the company and make a purchase. It can be done through various forms of media, such as social media, blog posts, and videos.

In the modern world, both inbound and outbound marketing can be used to create a hybrid model. For instance, a blog post from an inbound marketing team might be created to engage their audience. On the other hand, an outbound marketing campaign might involve the creation of banner ads. Before you start implementing a strategy, it is important to know the weaknesses and strengths of each type of marketing.

What is Brand Marketing?

A company's brand is its identity, and it involves more than just its logo and colors. It also involves the company's overall approach to customer service. For instance, if a customer associates an organization with a friendly demeanor and intuitive design, they are more likely than others to seek out its products.

A brand manager is responsible for ensuring that the company's products and identity are associated with the ideal message. This process involves converting potential customers into loyal consumers who will act as a megaphone for the brand's message. Marketing professionals who specialize in brand management are commonly referred to as "brand managers." Some common terms related to brand marketing roles are −

  • Brand activation manager

  • Brand manager

  • Brand marketing manager

  • Brand strategist

  • Director of brand marketing

  • Director of the brand strategy

What is Social Media Marketing?

One of the most common factors that people share on social media platforms is information. Products and companies play a significant role in these communities, where they interact directly with potential customers and brand advocates. Social media marketing specialists are responsible for creating effective campaigns that will generate demand and increase awareness of the brand.

In order to effectively utilize social media marketing tools, a social media marketing professional must be knowledgeable about data analytics. They should also be highly creative, as they will be working with other teams to produce content that will resonate across various platforms. Social media marketing is a field that has several job titles.

  • Community manager

  • Social media editor

  • Social media manager

  • Social media marketing manager

  • Social media strategist

  • Director of social media marketing

  • Engagement coordinator

  • Digital communications professional

  • Digital media director

  • Director of social media

  • Engagement manager

  • Multimedia communications specialist

What is Product Marketing?

A product marketing manager is a vital part of any company's product management team. They must be knowledgeable about the market and be able to influence the adoption of their product by ensuring that the company's message is communicated effectively.

The product marketing manager is responsible for overseeing the go-to-market plan for a new product. They work closely with the team during the development stage and educate the support and sales teams about the benefits of the product.

  • Director of product marketing

  • Digital Product Marketing Manager

  • Senior product marketing manager

  • Solutions Marketing Manager

  • Junior Product Marketing Associate

  • Portfolio marketing manager

  • Product marketing manager


There are various terms and definitions of "digital marketing" that are commonly used in the industry. Some of these include SEO, social media, video, and paid advertising. On the other hand, other terms such as "operations," "technical," and "general" are applicable to all of the divisions.

The term "digital marketing" encompasses all forms of online marketing that are carried out through a web-connected device. Being knowledgeable about the terms used in the process helps you understand how the work is done.

Updated on: 14-Mar-2023


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