Water is very precious for all the living beings. What will happen in future if we do not save water now?

Water is essential for all living beings. There can be no life without it. If we do not save water now we face scarcity of water and it may lead to the following consequences.
  • Daily activities will become very difficult in the shortage of water.
  • Crop production will be affected resulting in an insufficient supply of food.
  • People would have to buy water at high prices.
  • People may drink dirty (contaminated) water which causes water-borne diseases such as cholera. Due to water scarcity, sufficient water will not be available to plants. Plants need water to prepare their food by the process of photosynthesis. If water is not available to plants, the green character of the planet will be lost. This may mean the end of all life, for the world without plants will have no food, no oxygen, no rain, and innumerable other problems.


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Updated on: 31-Jan-2023


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