Does pure water conduct electricity? If not, what can we do to make it conducting?

To do:

We have to answer whether pure water conducts electricity. If not, then we have to explain what we can do to make it conduct electricity.


Let us discuss whether electricity is conducted in pure water or not:

Conduction of electricity in pure water:

Pure water (distilled water) is a bad or poor conductor of electricity. When free wires are immersed in pure water then electric current does not pass through the circuit.

Making pure water conductive for electricity:

By mixing impurities such as common salt, pure water can be made conductive for electricity. When impurities $(like\ salts)$ are dissolved in water, they form ions and these ions make it possible for an electric current to pass through the solution. This solution is known as an electrolyte that contains chlorine and sodium ions that conducts electric current.


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