Vaadin - Overview


This chapter will provide an overview of Vaadin. You will also be able to list out the merits and demerits of working with Vaadin, once you are done with this chapter.

What is Vaadin?

Vaadin is an open source web development framework. It comes with an inbuilt support for Java scripts and AJAX. You can also include external features into it using Google Web toolkit. Vaadin is a time-saver for the developers as it renders a rich content in the browser without the help of any markup files. All mark ups and supporting files will be generated at runtime with the help of Vaadin framework. Vaadin uses Java as a programming language and it supports both server side and client side development.

Advantages and Disadvantages

This section explains about advantages and disadvantages of using Vaadin in your web application.


Vaadin offers the following advantages to its developers −

Server side programming

Vaadin is built using Java. Besides, there is no need for the developer to use markup languages to develop the web page. Vaadin also provides all kind of support using Google Web toolkit.

Offers multiple options

Vaadin provides many components, layouts, and different listeners compared to any conventional web technologies; hence it is much preferable to use Vaadin.

Entirely object oriented

Since Vaadin is Java based, it is fully Object oriented. A Java developer can easily develop a website, simply by having idea of Vaadin classes and its uses.

Easy to learn and integrate

Vaadin provides plug-in supports and it is very easy to learn and integrate with other web frameworks.


Vaadin offers the following disadvantages to its developers −

Difficult to find skilled personnel

Vaadin is a recent technology, hence properly skilled personnel are always on demand and they can be costly. Hence, finding resources that can solve complex problem with Vaadin may be difficult.

Size of Java Script file

Depending on the context, the size of dynamic java script files may increase, thus demanding a bigger server to maintain its accessibility over the internet.

No fancy User Interface

Vaadin focused on business. You cannot create any fancy website using Vaadin.


Some experts feel that Vaadin cannot compete with the other thin client based technologies such as Angular.js. Hence Vaadin is less scalable than other available technologies.