UPSC – Which Topics to Concentrate On More?


There are lakhs of candidates in India who are preparing for UPSC, but as we know that this exam is very difficult and it is necessary to clear this exam from CSE to pay attention to important topics. That is why students and candidates want to know what are the main topics of UPSC, and UPSC – Which topics to concentrate on more.

That is why in today's article, we have given you this detailed information on which topics of UPSC you should pay more attention to. Apart from this, we have also provided you with some important facts which are necessary for you to know.

So let's start-

How to Identify the Most Important Topics for UPSC from A Vast Syllabus?

To study UPSC actively, we have given you some tips to get important topics and important topics −

  • Analyze Previous Subject Question Papers: What type of questions UPSC may ask and which questions are repeated every year, which subject is most important, you will get to know about it by analyzing the previous year's question paper.

  • Check The Weightage of the Topics: Checking the UPSC syllabus will help you identify the weightage of different topics in the exam, which is a good way to know about the important topics.

  • Identify The Topics Through Current Affairs: Current affairs play their most important role in the UPSC exam. Analyzing previous years' current affairs will help you identify important topics.

  • Read Standard Books and Newspapers: You must read human books and newspapers to get a good understanding of the subjects and to get important topics.

  • Connect to Online Forums: At present, there are many such online forums where you will get information on important topics without much effort.

  • Keep Taking Mock Tests On Time: It becomes very easy to identify the important topics of UPSC through mock tests. This is a great way that can play a vital role in helping you analyze your strengths and weaknesses.

UPSC - Which Topics to Concentrate On More?

The syllabus of UPSC is huge. It covers a wide range of subjects. Here we told you some important topics on which you need to pay more attention.

  • History and Culture of India: In this exam, a lot of questions are asked about subjects like the History and Culture of India, Ancient India, Medieval India, Modern India, Indian Culture, Art, and Architecture.

  • Indian Polity and Governance: In this exam, it covers topics like Indian Constitution, Parliament, Judiciary, Executive, and Election Commission which is very important.

  • Geography: Geography is a vital subject in the UPSC exam, because it covers the physical, economic, and social aspects of the country, and many questions are asked every year related to it.

  • Indian Economy: UPSC Exam Indian Economy is an important subject, under which topics like National Income, Banking System, Public Finance Planning, and Budget are included.

  • Current Affairs: You will have to read the most current affairs, which are known as the backbone of UPSC, and not staying updated with current affairs can be harmful to you.

  • Science and Technology: Science and technology have been considered important subjects under the UPSC exam. Under this, aspirants need to pay attention to the subjects of Information Technology, Biotechnology, Space Technology, Defense Technology, etc.

  • Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude: Ethics and integrity is an important component of the UPSC exam. Under this, such subjects as Emotional Intelligence, Attitude, and Attitude Value Systems can be the point of focus.

Most Reliable Sources of Information for UPSC Preparation

Many sources can be used for UPSC preparation, but we have listed below the top 5 most reliable sources for you −


If you are preparing for the UPSC exam then you can study NCERT books as the most reliable source. For this, you can read NCERT books from class 6 to class 12, which is the most reliable UPSC source.

The Hindu and Indian Express Newspapers

The Hindu and Indian Express are two newspapers that are highly recommended for UPSC aspirants. These newspapers cover national and international news editorials and opinions relevant to the UPSC exam.

Yojana Patrika

Yojana Patrika is a monthly magazine published by the Government of India. It covers various socioeconomic issues and provides an in-depth analysis of the policies and programs implemented by the government.

Economic Survey and Budget

Economic Survey and Budget are two important documents that provide valuable information on the Indian economy. This document is issued by the Ministry of Finance and is most recommended for UPSC aspirants.

Websites of Government Ministries

The websites of various government ministries provide valuable information on policies, programs, and schemes implemented by the government. Candidates can also get reports and data related to their respective subjects on these websites.

Best Ways to Organize Study Plan for UPSC

It is important to organize your planning for effective UPSC preparation. To organize your study plan in the best way, we have given you some ways below-

  • Analyze The Syllabus: By analyzing the syllabus of CSE, you will be able to know what you have to study and how much you have to study.

  • Make A Study Timetable: To make the tasks done throughout your time completely successful in an organized manner, you have to make your study timetable which should be completely practical.

  • Give Priority to Important Topics: It is necessary to give priority to important topics and subjects based on the importance and relevance of the topic in the exam. You can pay more attention to the topics which fetch more marks.

  • Take Breaks from Time to Time: Pay attention to your bread while studying. It is necessary to take a look from time to time to avoid keeping the mind and spend quality time in study.

  • Revise Regularly: Revision is essential for you to retain what you have read in your mind. It is also necessary to have a revision schedule so that it can be followed.

  • Practice Writing: UPSC tests the writing skills and speed in answer writing first. So you need to improve your writing skills and increase your answer writing speed.

  • Stay Updated with Current Affairs: Keep yourself updated with the latest happenings in the country and the world by reading newspapers, watching the news, and following relevant online portals.

  • Stay Motivated: It will sound very simple and strange but you need to stay motivated to do UPSC connect and prepare properly. But it is very difficult to stay motivated and positive during the entire preparation.

How to Prioritize the Study Topics for UPSC Preparation?

We have given below a shortlist of how you can prioritize study for UPSC preparation- Make a list of all the important topics by analyzing the syllabus.

  • Identify the foundational topics based on the importance and relevance of the topics.

  • Understanding the basic concepts of any subject and focusing on the fundamentals, will help you to prioritize the subject.

  • Take the help of the previous year's question papers and try to personalize the topics by analyzing them.

  • Allocate time for your studies. Keeping in mind your strengths and weaknesses, give more time to important subjects.

  • Use quality study material for UPSC preparation.

  • Keep revising continuously and avoid cramming.

How to Stay Updated with Current Events On The UPSC Syllabus?

Following are the steps you can take to stay updated with the current happenings for UPSC preparation −

  • Stay updated by reading newspapers and watching news channels.

  • Listen to podcasts.

  • Follow online portals like PIB, and PRS.

  • Learn how to filter newspapers to get the most out of current affairs.

  • These are some of the ways by which you can stay updated with the current happenings of the UPSC syllabus.

Role of Current Affairs Magazines and Newspapers for UPSC Preparations

Current affairs magazines and newspapers are important for UPSC preparation as they cover relevant news and provide in-depth analysis of various topics. Magazines like Yojana Patrika, Kurukshetra, and Frontline are recommended by all. Along with this, The Hindu and Indian Express newspapers are highly respected for their coverage of national and international affairs.


Q1. How can I use study groups to identify and prepare for important UPSC topics?

Ans. Study groups can help in identifying important topics for UPSC by discussing the syllabus, refreshing study material, and sharing knowledge. It can provide different perspectives and help in understanding the topics better.

Q2. How important is revising the same topic multiple times for UPSC preparation?

Ans. It is important to request the same topic multiple times for UPSC preparation. Because it helps you to retain the information and understand the topic in-depth and easily understand your information, which helps you during the examination.

Q3. What are the best strategies for preparing for essay writing topics in UPSC?

Ans. Essay writing strategies in UPSC include reading extensively, developing a guarded approach, practicing essay writing, and focusing on language and presentation skills. It is necessary to use examples and data to support your argument.

Q4. What is the role of mock tests and previous year papers in identifying important topics for UPSC?

Ans. If you are using mock tests and previous year's question papers to identify important topics for UPSC, then you need not go for any other route other than these two.

Because these two methods can help you identify the important topics for UPSC in the most appropriate way. Because it helps you in time management and efficient improvement in understanding the exam pattern. Also, help you to identify your weak areas and work on them.

Updated on: 13-Apr-2023


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