Triathlon - Rules

Triathlon consists of three sports and each sport has different rules which the players have to follow.

Rules on Swimming

The competitors can swim in any position as they wish and comfortable with. There is no restriction if they want to stand in between the race and relax. The important rule is that a competitor may wear a wet suit for swimming when the temperature is 78- 84 degree Fahrenheit.

Wetsuits are prohibited when the temperature is above 84 degree Fahrenheit. Players are strictly prohibited from using any kind of floating materials during the competition which might result in disqualification of the player. Players can’t throw any garbage or equipment on the course during and after the event.

Rules on Cycling

For cycling the competitor must wear helmet during the cycling event or he/she may be disqualified. The player has to complete buckling up the chin strap of his/her helmet even before boarding on the bike. In this part of the sport, competitor must not draft or block others way while cycling and should allow them to pass them or else this may lead to disqualification.

Even during drafting, the player must maintain a minimum three bike lengths distance between the forward players. Players are not allowed to propel the bicycle other than pushing including use of hands to push the cycle. During the race, players are not allowed to race off the course and have to follow the traffic rules.

Players are not allowed to either carry or wear headphones, headsets or any kind of mp3 player during the race. Players are strictly prohibited from using foul, harsh or any kind of abusive language during the race either toward each other or towards any event officials.

Rules on Running

The competitor can run at his/her own pace and can even walk if he/she got tired. The race will be considered finish when the upper body of the runner i.e. torso touches the finish line and the time of the same will be noted. Runner must wear helmet and shoes.

Players are prohibited from littering on course. During the race, the players are required to wear their race number all the times. The number should be clearly visible and can’t be either folded or altered with any other player during the race as it may result in disqualification.

Transition Rules

Once an event is finished, the players have to keep the equipment in the proper designated place of the transition area. After the cycling event is finished, the players must place their bikes in the assigned bikes corral. The wheel of the bike must be down at the assigned space. Players are not allowed to interfere in other person’s equipment and belongings


For all the rule violations, specific penalties based on the rules and regulations are rewarded. Mostly the players are rewarded with time penalties and in some specific cases like use of helmet and race number, disqualification is awarded.

If the players are violating the rules for two times, respective time penalties are awarded. The second time violation usually results in a double time penalty than the first time violation. A third violation results in disqualification from the event.