Triathlon - Equipment

As triathlon is combination of three sports i.e. swimming, cycling and running, large number of equipment is required for all the individual sports starting from swimming to running. Some of the basic equipment are as follows −

Swimming Equipment

  • Wet suit − The participant must have a set of wet suit required in swimming. It will keep the body of swimmer warm and increases the buoyancy as a result helping him/her in swimming. The silky surface of the suit helps in reducing the friction with water.

  • Goggles − The goggles protect the eyes of the swimmer during swimming and improve his/her visibility which in turn helps in improving the execution time. Goggles should fit well such that it will not allow the water in the swimmer’s eyes while he/she is trying to see in the water.

  • Swim cap − The main purpose of swim cap is to reduce the resistance and drag while swimming which results in increasing the speed. It keeps the hair stay away from face and helps to keep the goggle straps in the correct position.

  • Tri suits − This suit is convenient for entire race, i.e. it is suitable for all three sports. This will reduce the time and energy in changing from one suit to another. This suit is light-weighted and gets dry fast which will increase the comfort while riding bike and running.

Cycling Equipment

  • Bicycle − It is one of the important equipment for cycling event. For this sport, a normal bicycle can be used but there also some specially designed bicycle for this sport. Bicycle should be well serviced, properly oiled, and chain, brakes and gears should be in proper working condition.

    These bicycles have special aerodynamic wheels, aero- handle bars and other components. It has a steep seat tube, which helps the players spare their muscles that are used for running.

  • Bicycle Repair Kit − This kit will be very helpful when there any sudden repairs are needed. This may reduce the time spent for any repairs made in the bike.

  • Helmet − This equipment is mandatory for cycling. This will protect the riders from any head injury due to some unfortunate accidents or collision. Helmet should fit comfortably on the player’s head for proper balance during the sport.

  • Cycling Shoes − Some players attach shoes to the paddle which will help in maintaining stability and easy to ride. They will also protect the leg from injury. These are specially made shoes for triathlon which are easier to wear to reduce the transition time.

Running Equipment

  • Running Shoes − Shoes should be comfortable and light-weighted. Generally these shoes are used with elastic shoelaces which will make the shoe to pull easy without wasting time to remove the shoelaces.

  • Socks − As the socks are not used in swimming section of the sports, but it is mandatory for other two sports. Wearing socks is time consuming shoes without socks may lead to painful scratches on the foot.