Triathlon - Playing Environment

As this sport involves three sports, the race starts with swimming pool, gets continued in cycling track and ends up on running track. The length of the pool and track depends upon the age group participating the race and the competitiveness.

Swimming Pool

The pool may contain hot or cold water. It is divided into lanes and starts with Zero. The competitor must swim in his/her lane to reach the end of the pool. The length and depth of the pool vary from sport to sport and on the age group.

Cycling Track

In some competition, the cycle tracks are also divided into lanes and the individual must ride his/her bike in the lane. The track may or may not have slope. It may be situated at sidewalk level or road level.

Running Track

This is the last phase of the race. On successfully completing the running on the track, the competitor finishes the race. This track may or may not be divided into lanes. Running track can be one sided or two sided and may be on roadside or sidewalk level.