Tips to Keep Facebook Secure and Private

More than 1.5 billion people regularly use Facebook and share more information about their likes, habits, places they go and even where they are at any given moment. As the social network has grown, it’s essential to be aware of the potential dangers and to know how to increase the privacy and security of your Facebook account. Here are six clean-up tips –

Securing your Account

First of all, your Facebook account passwords should be as strong as possible which is difficult to guess. As passwords are tough to manage, it’s best not to rely solely on them. Facebook provides a security feature named Login alerts which can send you an alert when anyone logs into your account from a new device or browser, enabling you to receive a warning that someone has gained unauthorized access to your account.

To turn on login alerts, go to Security settings and click the Login alerts section. Choose whether you want to receive a Notification, email or a text message/push alert. click on Save changes. Login notifications are now active.

Control Your Data

By using “News Feeds Preferences”, you can exert some influence over whose posts you want to see more or less. The setting is on the lower right side on iPhones and on the top right on browsers and Android apps. By doing so, you can select friends who will always emerge on top, or hide someone’s posts entirely. If you are concerned about data utilization, you can additionally stop videos in your news feeds from playing automatically. On iPhones, go to account settings under “Videos & Photos” and for Android, go to “Autoplay” in the “App Settings.”

Manage your Friends List

You can easily control your friend’s list. Just go to the friend’s Timeline, click on the Friends button, a menu appears which has the following options, and then based on your choice, select one of the below:

  • Close Friends – those you want to see more of in your news feed, you’ll get notified when they post.
  • Acquaintances – those who won’t show up in your news feed often, though they’ll still have full access to any posts you distribute to your friends.
  • Restricted – those who can only see your Public content.
  • Unfriend-to removes from your friend list.

You can also create custom lists, such as “college friends” or “family.” To create a new list, Scroll down to friends on the left side of your news feed. Hover over Friends and click more. Then click on create List. Enter a name for your list and the names of friends you’d like to add. You can edit your list at any time.

These facilities are limited on mobile, although changes you make on the PC or laptop will appear on your phone or tablet.

Configure your Privacy Settings

Facebook offers many options to adjust your privacy to what suits you and to protect you from those who might use your information with bad intentions. On desktops and laptops, click on small padlock icon at the upper right corner or click on privacy option in the left-hand pane.

The Privacy Settings and Tools page will appear which allows you to control

  • Who can see my stuff?-Here you can control or manage your future posts, Limit the audience for your posts or tagged posts.
  • Who can contact me?-It manages who can send you friend requests.
  • Who can look me up?-Under this, you can control who can look you up using your email address or telephone number.
  • Choose from Public, Friends, Only you, Friends of Friends or Custom option .pick the one that’s best for you.

Manage the Apps

You can easily review or manage the apps that are connected to your Facebook account and manage what information you share with each app .this ensure that your Facebook account are linked to the apps that you trust, and use regularly. Simply visit your App Settings page on Facebook to review all of the apps that you’ve connected to your account where you find some apps that you don’t really use anymore — and you can easily disconnect from these apps.

Privacy Checkup Tool

If you’re on a desktop or laptop, you can use this to review and adjust your privacy settings. This tool is coming soon to mobile. To use the Privacy Checkup:

  • Click at the top of any page on Facebook (ex: your homepage)
  • Select Privacy Checkup.

This helps you to review who sees your posts, your settings for apps you’ve logged into with Facebook and who can see info from your profile like your phone number and email address.

Hopefully these tips and tricks may be useful so that you share just the right information to the right people no matter what apps you use and where you use Facebook. Go Ahead!!!!

Samual Sam
Samual Sam

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Updated on: 13-May-2022


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