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The velocity-time graph shows the motion of a cyclist. Find
$(i)$. its acceleration
$(ii)$. its velocity and ,br>$(iii)$. the distance covered by the cyclist in 15 seconds.

Here Velocity-time graph is a straight line parallel to the time axis, this shows that the velocity of the cyclist is constant.

$(i)$. So, there is no change in velocity with respect to the time, So, the acceleration of the cyclist will be zero.

$(ii)$. In the given graph, at time $t=15\ s$, velocity $v= 20\ ms^{-1}$

$(iii)$. Distance covered by the cyclist in $15\ s=$Area under $v-t$ graph during that time interval

$=20\ ms^{-1}\times15\ s=300\ m$


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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