The two glands A and B which occur in pairs, are present in the endocrine system of humans. The pair of glands A is found only in females whereas the pair of glands B occurs only in males. The glands A make and secrete two hormones C and D whereas glands B make and secrete only one hormone E. In addition to hormones, glands A makes gametes F whereas glands B making gametes G.(a) What are glands A?(b) What are hormones C and D?(c) What are glands B? Name the hormone E.(d) What are gametes (i) F, and (ii) G?(e) Which event in the life of males and females is associated with the secretion of hormones C, D and E?

(a) The glands A are the ovaries.

(b) The hormones C is oestrogen, whereas hormone D is progesterone. Both the hormones are secreted by the ovaries.

(c) The glands B are the testes. The hormone E is testosterone (male sex organ) released by the testes.

(d) (i) The gametes F are ova or eggs. Produced by the ovaries.

   (ii) The gametes G are sperms. Produced by the testes.

(e) In the life of both females and males, puberty is associated with the secretion of hormones C (oestrogen) and D (progesterone) and hormone E (testosterone) respectively.


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Updated on: 23-Mar-2023


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