What makes a YouTube Video Trending?

With 1 billion active users from various nations, YouTube is a multi-national platform for exchanging content. Additionally, it provides you the right to be aware of local YouTube trends.

The fantastic content tag − YouTube Trending enables viewers to learn about what is trending at the moment. The majority of individuals are unaware of its true meaning and functioning. To explain what YouTube Trending is and how it functions, read this article.

What Determines a Video's YouTube Trend Ranking?

Every day, YouTube receives a large number of excellent video submissions, but Trending can only display a select few. What sort of videos is going to be included in the trending category? Let’s see!

  • Attractive to a broad audience

  • Not spectacular or deceptive

  • Assemble the scope of what is occurring globally and on YouTube

  • Display a variety of artists

  • Original or shocking

Additionally, YouTube considers a variety of signals, including but not limited to −

  • View count

  • The increased rate of views

  • Where opinions originate

  • The video's vintage

6 Strategies for Trending Your YouTube Videos

Produce Longer Videos

Longer videos perform better than shorter ones. According to a recent TubeFilter study, 8-minute videos perform 350% better than 5-minute ones.

Hence, create a video that is at least 8 minutes longer. The length of your views would automatically lengthen as a result. However, you must choose a subject that is interesting enough for a lengthy video.

Quickly Promote Your Video

Make sure to invest in YouTube video promotion during the first three days of the video's release. The objective is to get as many people to see the video in the first 48–72 hours.

This can be done via your blog, social media accounts, or relevant video adverts. Whatever it is, your objective is to gain as many initial views for your video as you can for it to be successful.

Tags, descriptions, and title optimization

Titles gives the algorithm the terms it needs to categorize videos for relevance and tell viewers what the video is about.

Thanks to the descriptions, Search engines and viewers can understand your video's precise meaning. YouTube tags allow you to differentiate your video content and inform search engines about the value that viewers might derive from it.

Utilize A Captivating Thumbnail

Your video's impression is influenced by the video's thumbnail image, the portion that plays while the mouse hovers over it, and the headline. You need to make sure that your thumbnail is eye-catching enough to get folks to click right away. Avoid using thumbnails that are only appealing but don't represent your content.

A thumbnail is a fantastic method to demonstrate the personality of a brand. For instance, influencers like Jesse Driftwood and Jordon Taylor, frequently include a photograph of themselves in the thumbnail of their YouTube videos coupled with some eye-catching content.

Be A Reliable YouTuber

On that topic, it's safe to argue that consistency counts more for increasing channel views than it does for increasing views of a single video. Long-term viewership increases when a viewer finds a video they enjoy and checks out other videos from that channel.

This is why channel promotion over single video promotion is preferred by YouTube's algorithm. This is because 50% of the suggested videos come from the same channel, 40% come from partners or connected channels, and only 10% come from relevant and popular videos.

Adjust your frequency by your budget for the video production, but make sure you adhere to your timelines regularly.

Remain True to Your Brand's Image

Ask your video production business to alter a video's content if you are unsure of how it will fit with your channel or viewers. Experimenting just for the sake of it will harm your channel, so refrain.

That's not to say you shouldn't make an effort to keep things interesting. However, because your videos represent your business, you must ensure that the messaging is constant. In this manner, you can avoid scaring off your existing audience.


It takes planning your video content strategically to get your video to trend on YouTube; it's not just a matter of luck. Your videos may go viral if they are longer, more pertinent, regularly posted, and have a well-maintained YouTube account.

Updated on: 22-Dec-2022


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