The Great Stone Face II

Chapter Summary

Ernest was now a middle-aged man and according to his neighbours, he was more than an ordinary man. The Great Stone Face-II was the second portion of the story that reveals everything about the likeness of the stone face, that Earnest is waiting for. This part depicts that Ernest is still residing in his native valley and is a simple and kind hearted person. Ernest always tries to work for everyone’s betterment. All over the world, he is now well known for his thoughts, honesty, and creativity. People come to meet him from distant places including a new poet who also has his native in the valley but stays in different cities. The poet states that Ernest resembles the great stone face and this was agreed by all people in the valley.

How was Ernest different from others in the valley?

Ernest was a middle-aged man now and has a different personality when compared to other commoners in the town. He was grown up into a simple, dedicative and kind-hearted person. These works are well known across the world for innovation and creativity. People praise Ernest for his ideas and thoughts and come to meet him from distant places. Earnest has always tried to remain humble to others and had always helped others and worked for everyone’s betterment. As he did not go with the crowd and had always welcomed strangers as prophets, he denoted as the unique person in the valley by everyone.

Why did Ernest think the poet was like the Stone Face?

Many people come from other countries and cities to meet him and become his admirer. One day a new poet, has his native in the same valley but used to reside in different cities met Ernest and declares him a man resembling the stone face after getting impressed by his nature and thoughts. Along with his extraordinarily creative thoughts, he was also well known for his kindness and honesty.

Ernest was declared as the man resembling the great stone face by a poet, though he does not accept it. He has always thought that the poet look-alike the stone face as he wrote beautiful songs and celebrated the great stone face in his poem.

What did the poet say about his thoughts and poems?

Ernest was praised all across the world due to his creative ideas and thoughts. A new poet who has come to his native valley same as Ernest had also appreciated his works and thoughts and declared him as the man who looks like the great stone face. This was also agreed upon by all people in the valley but not by Ernest. He believes that a poet is a man who resembles the stone face. The poet confesses that he can be the man of prophecy as his actions never matched his thoughts and all his poems.

What made the poet proclaim Ernest was the Stone Face?

The poet and Ernest went to a meeting place together. The gathering was addressed by Ernest, his words have depth and power, and his thoughts and ideas have creativity and innovations. The poet has always thoughts that his actions do not match his thoughts as well as his poems as this is the reason he cannot accept him as the man of prophecy or a man who resembles the great stone face. The poet thinks that Ernest was nobler than him as his words were the words of life, a life of selfless love and good deeds.

Who, by common consent, turned out to be like the Great Stone Face?

Ernest by common consent was accepted as a man who exactly resembles the great stone face. People s of the valley and also a new poet who has his native in the same valley declared that Ernest is a hardworking, thoughtful, kind-hearted, and humble person who has always worked for the betterment of others. These qualities of him make him look alike the great stone face. He was determined a different person in the valley as he had never followed the crowd and had welcomed the strangers as prophets. The poet praised him as nobler than him as his actions always matched his ideas and thoughts unlike him.

Did Ernest believe that the old prophecy had come true? What did he say about it?

No, Ernest was not convinced by the statement that he resembles the great stone face and is the man of prophecy. However, Ernest was praised for his thoughts by the majority of people and poets across the globe he thinks that one day a man would come who would be nobler and wiser than he would. He also believed that his actions and thoughts are not enough impressive that can influence the new generation. That is the main reason he does not think of himself as resembling the great stone face and thinks that a am will arrive in his town and would truly look similar to the great stone face.

“Greatness lies in truth. Truth is best expressed in one’s actions. He was truthful, therefore he was great.” - Who said these words and what does it mean?

These words were said by Ernest, who has grown up into a middle-aged man in the second part of the story, The Great Stone Face - II written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. These words highlights that no matter how harsh the truth is one must always speak the truth as greatness lies in honesty. Honesty makes the man wiser, humble and justified in every action and thoughts that can be praised by all. A person can become great, nobler, and well known all over the world if always speaks the truth and remain honest.


Q1. What are the qualities of Ernest that make him different from others in the valley?

Ans. Ernest was grown up as a hardworking, humble, kind-hearted, and thoughtful person unlike others in the valley. These qualities of Ernest made him different from others in the valley and he was declared as the man resembling the great stone face.

Q2. What is the old prophecy?

Ans. In the story The Great Stone Face-II, the old prophecy was one day a child will take birth in the valley who will grow up into a noble, humble, kind, and great human being. The child will resemble the great stone face in future.

Q3. Why poet did not accept himself as the man of prophecy?

Ans. The poet who arrived in the valley of Ernest which was also his native valley did not accept him as the man of prophecy, as his actions never matched his thoughts. The poet also believed that his actions also never matched with also his poem scenarios.

Updated on: 03-Jan-2023


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