The Comet — II

Chapter Summary

The Comet — II’ is a story and it is a continuation of the story of Comet- I. This story describes how the leading scientists around the world have gathered for the purpose of a conference. The experts from different parts of the world gathered together for avoiding the collision of Comet Dutta which is happening on Earth. It is seen that the Dutta Comet or Comet Dutta’s inventor was Manoj Duttada.

Here, John shows a decision to organise a meeting of the experts which will be kept secret. The experts here belong to different fields. Here Mr. John also invited Duttada to this conference meeting. The calculation of the experts says that the collision’s effect will be disastrous. They make an aim as well as plan for preventing the effect of the collision on the earth. Finally, they became successful to achieve their aim but later Duttada came with another problem which seems bigger than the others.

James Doubtful About His Sums and Calculations

James in this part becomes doubtful whether he has done his calculation as well as sums right or not. The reason for this matter was that it was hard for him in believing the matter that in this peaceful situation of the night Comet Dutta heading for a collision with the Earth. This night looks very calm to him when he tries to peep out from the window.

The Scientists at the Conference About James’s ‘Sums’

The scientists were satisfied with the sums of James. They say that the sums were all correct and there is no escape from the direct hit predicted by him. It is also presented that the comet can graze the atmosphere present on the earth instead of collide.

Immediate action was needed, the scientists decided. Give one example each of ‘defensive’ and ‘offensive’ action mentioned in the text.

The text presented some defensive as well as offensive actions. In this part, the scientists only had two options. The measure of defensive matter says that people must live in the bunkers. On the other hand, the offensive matter presents that something is needed to be done for the deflection of the comet from its path. It is presented that a spaceship can be sent with a nuclear explosion for intercepting the comet.

What Sir John meant by -‘I am not buying any Christmas presents till December 15.’?

The presentation of this utterance by Sir John about the presents of Christmas mainly means that they were very sure about their success. Success is about the operation of the planning of comet collision. The date December 15 was presented because it was the date of their operation. It is important because the failure of the operation can make the comet hit the earth.

What is Duttada expected to do on his return from London?

Duttada was one of the important parts of the operation related to the collision of comet. He has expectations from his team and he was expected to perform a Shanti Yajna on the occasion of his return from London. The main purpose of performing this yajna is to pacify the supposed evil spirit behind the comet.

The initiative of this yajna was greatly taken by the wife of Duttada. She has a set-up of pandal and she also called priests for giving him blessings. The reason behind this matter performing this puja is that the comet would not cause any harm on the Earth.

According to Indrani Debi, the Comet Had Not Been Disastrous

Indrani Debi had a belief that the disaster will not do any harm to the earth and it is because of the yajna that is going to perform on their house. According to the view of this woman, the earth can face some major disaster and that is the reason she gives all the credit to the yajna.

Should a scientist’s findings be suppressed if they seem disturbing? Give reasons for and against the topic.

No, the findings of a scientist should not be suppressed even if they seem disturbing. The reason behind this matter is that the process of suppression can lead them to frustration.

On the other hand, promotion can lead them towards different findings and it can help them in giving new ideas. The suppression of their findings can be the reason behind not inventing different ideas as well as thoughts. These are the reasons that the findings of a scientist should not be suppressed.

Give two or three examples to show how science has been useful to us

Science is considered to be a great part of the lives of humans and it is a necessary thing for the world. This matter of science helps in different findings that can be useful for the earth. Some examples can be the discovery of The vaccines against Small Pox, viral fever, the invention of artificial limb and legs, as well as the development of smartphones has proven as a great useful matter to humans.

The invention of science gives the development of different new technologies as well as solves many practical problems and helps in making proper decisions for humans. The knowledge of science helps humans to get rid of different superstitious concepts and it is an important part of science.


Q1. What are the solutions mentioned in the text about avoiding the comet?

Ans. The scientists here presented two options for avoiding this situation and they are defensive and offensive action. The example of the former one is that the people should live in bunkers whereas the last one says about doing something for deflecting the comet from its path. This process can be done through the process of exploding a nuclear payload near the comet.

Q2. What was the role of Duttada?

Ans. Duttada was a non-professional astronomer and gazing at the stars was considered his favourite hobby. In this part, it is important to mention that he had a scientific attitude. He also consists of a secret ambition in his life and it is the discovery of a comet or a shooting star.

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