The Comet — I

Chapter Summary

The Comet – I’ refers to a story that mainly revolves around the revelation of a particular comet. The discovery of this comet mainly occurs by the author Manoj Duttada. The author is very ambitious but he is an amateur astronomer who has discovered a comet first time. He creates the telescope namely Dibya Chakshu means the Divine eye. He spends most of his free time watching through a telescope. His wife is Indrani Debi and she wishes that the discovery did not occur ever.

This is because of her superstitious nature. Duttada always tried to console his wife by that comets are not at all responsible for all the calamities on this planet. Most importantly, the British astronomer made a claim that in the near future the earth will collide with a comet. The estimation was that the comet would collide with the planet after 10 months.

Indrani Debi’s dislike about Duttada’s hobnobbing with Dibya

Duttada is fascinated by astronomical elements like stars and loves to gaze at these elements. He fully his time watching the stars through his telescope and he is always trying to discover comets in the sky at night. His wife Indrani Debi does not like hobnobbing with him with the telescope because she personifies the telescope with a woman and the telescope grabbed all his attention of him from her.

‘She is complaining and smiling.’ - Why is she smiling?

Indrani Debi is always complaining about the cosiness of the telescope and his husband. She smiles often because she is aware of that how it is utterly obvious that her husband has practical issues with living. The doctor has suggested she take special care against the cold weather but he always forgets to wear a sweater though it mostly lies beside his chair. Moreover, he is very careless and forgetful in nature and that is the reason for smiling often of his wife.

Duttada’s Secret Ambition and what He did to Achieve it

Duttada is an amateur astronomer and his ambition was to see a comet a day. A good telescope only fulfils the search for a comet to him. Ha was very optimistic that the professionals of astronomy were unconscious to find out the comet among the stars in the night sky as they are busy in pre-assigned of space exploration. The professionals are busy exploring different types of faint stars along with the nebulous galaxies.

The story displays that Duttada liked to be an astronomer and always wished to have money for buying a telescope of better design and performance. He also longed for more time to gaze at the night sky. He fulfilled his wish after his retirement, as he is able to buy an eight-inch long telescope. Each night he would sit with the telescope and gaze at the starry night in the hope of discovering a comet. He is confident enough that the professionals may miss the sight of the comet, as they are busy with their pre-assigned of space exploration.

Difference between a planet and a comet as given in the Story

The story tells that the comets are a new object that comes from a solar system’s corner. According to the author, comet’s orbit is around the sun like the planets but their orbit is greatly eccentric. That is why once a comet comes closer to solar power. The comet includes a long tail and it lights vividly with the help of sunlight. Suddenly, the comets recede into utter darkness and it is disappeared for hundreds of years.

Duttada Hopeful to Discover a New Comet

The author is very helpful that one day he will discover a comet, as he was fully aware that the professionals are bust in their assignments to explore different unseen stars as well as nebulous galaxies. He thought that in this procedure, the professional would miss the sight of comets. This is the reason, the amateurs had often discovered innovative comments that the professional had missed severally.

Reason why Duttada said — I almost wish I had not discovered this comet

One day after from returning a ceremony Duttada whispered to himself in utter disgust that he almost wished that, he has not discovered this comet yet. This is the reason for the discovery of another comet by him and it brought unwelcome publicity to the author.

Duttada’s wife unhappy about the discovery

His wife is unhappy about the discovery as she thought that the comet would bring ill luck to this planet. According to his wife comet is responsible for all types of calamities on this earth. She wished that his husband would not associate with the discovery of comets.

James’ original manuscript

The original manuscript of James was once published in a paper namely Nature. Sir John has to hold off this manuscript from Mr Taylor as he was the editor of the paper and he was a friend of theirs as well.

Important Point the Paper Makes

The most important point of the paper makes that a comet namely Dutta is to collide with this planet very soon. This news hurts the wife of the author very much.

Why does Sir John say that James’ paper should not be published?

The original manuscript of James should not be published as it is thought that this news might cause panic to the earth people. The collision of the earth and comet will be dreadful enough.

What the two men finally decided to do?

The two men finally decide to arrange a secret conference. At this conference, all the global experts are invited for planning aversion to this calamity.


Q1. What is the reason for naming the comet after Dutta?

Ans. It is named after Duta because of its finder. According to the practice, a new comet is named after its discovery of it and as Dutta discovers it then it is named after him.

Q2. What is the secret ambition of Duttada?

Ans. The secret ambition of Duttada is to purchase a new telescope which is good in features. He also wished for enough space to watch the starts.

Q3. Why his wife is unhappy about the discovery of the comet?

Ans. His wife is unhappy about the discovery of the comet because she thought that all the calamities on this planet would be happened because of the comet. Besides this, she feels jealous as her husband spends more time discovering comets than her.