Tableau - Pie Chart

A pie chart represents data as slices of a circle with different sizes and colors. The slices are labeled and the numbers corresponding to each slice is also represented in the chart. You can select the pie chart option from the Marks card to create a pie chart.

Simple Pie Chart

Choose one dimension and one measure to create a simple pie chart. For example, take the dimension named region with the measure named profit. Drop the Region dimension in the colors and label marks. Drop the Profit measure into the size mark. Choose the chart type as Pie. The following chart appears which shows the 4 regions in different colors.

pie chart 1

Drill-Down Pie Chart

You can choose a dimension with hierarchy and as you go deeper into the hierarchy, the chart changes reflect the level of the dimension chosen. In the following example, we take the dimension Sub-Category which has two more levels - Manufacturer and Product Name. Take the measure profit and drop it to the Labels mark. The following pie chart appears which shows the values for each slice.

pie chart 3

Going one more level into the hierarchy, we get the manufacturer as the label and the above pie chart changes to the following one.

pie chart 2