Tableau - Line Chart

In a line chart, a measure and a dimension are taken along the two axes of the chart area. The pair of values for each observation becomes a point and the joining of all these points create a line showing the variation or relationship between the dimensions and measures chosen.

Simple Line Chart

Choose one dimension and one measure to create a simple line chart. Drag the dimension Ship Mode to Columns Shelf and Sales to the Rows shelf. Choose the Line chart from the Marks card. You will get the following line chart, which shows the variation of Sales for different Ship modes.

line chart 1

Multiple Measure Line Chart

You can use one dimension with two or more measures in a line chart. This will produce multiple line charts, each in one pane. Each pane represents the variation of the dimension with one of the measures.

line chart 2

Line Chart with Label

Each of the points making the line chart can be labeled to make the values of the measure visible. In this case, drop another measure Profit Ratio into the labels pane in the Marks card. Choose average as the aggregation and you will get the following chart showing the labels.

line chart 3