Tableau - Environment Setup

In this chapter, you will learn about the environment setup of Tableau.

Download Tableau Desktop

The Free Personal Edition of Tableau Desktop can be downloaded from Tableau Desktop. You need to register with your details to be able to download.

After downloading, the installation is a very straightforward process in which you need to accept the license agreement and provide the target folder for installation. The following steps and screenshots describe the entire setup process.

Start the Installation Wizard

Double-click the TableauDesktop-64bit-9-2-2.exe. It will present a screen to allow the installation program to run. Click “Run”.

Installation 1

Accept the License Agreement

Read the license agreement and if you agree, choose the "I have read and accept the terms of this license agreement" option. Then, click "Install".

Installation 2

Start Trial

On completion of the installation, the screen prompts you with the option to Start the trial now or later. You may choose to start it now. Also, if you have purchased Tableau then you may enter the License key.

Installation 3

Provide Your Details

Provide your name and organization details. Then, click "Next".

Installation 4

Registration Complete

The registration completion screen appears. Click "Continue".

Installation 5

Verify the Installation

You can verify the installation by going to the Windows start menu. Click the Tableau icon. The following screen appears.

Installation 6

You are now ready to learn Tableau.