Tableau - Condition Filters

One of the important filtering options in Tableau is to apply some conditions to already existing filters. These conditions can be very simple like finding only those sales which are higher than a certain amount or it can be a complex one based on a certain formula. The conditions can also be applied to create a range filter.

Creating a Condition Filter

Using the Sample-superstore, let's find that sub-category of products across all segments whose sales exceed one million. To achieve this objective, following are the steps.

Step 1 − Drag the dimension segment and the measure Sales to the Column shelf. Next, drag the dimension Sub-Category to the Rows shelf. Choose the horizontal bar chart option. You will get the following chart.

condition filter 1

Step 2 − Drag the dimension Sub-Category to the Filters Shelf. Right-click to edit and go to the tab Condition. Here, choose the radio option by field. From the drop-down, select Sales, Sum and greater than equal to symbol specifying the value 100000.

condition filter 2

On completion of the above two steps, we get a chart which shows only those subcategory of products, which have the required amount of sale. Also this is shown for all the available segments where the condition is met.

condition filter 3