Solenoid Engine


Solenoid Engine generally generates a uniform magnetic field when the current passes through the coil that is wrapped around it. In the present day, it has been seen that automobiles, as a primary source chemical energy are used in order to produce combustion heat. This combustion is contributing to general pollutants. Here the Solenoid Engine steps into. It offers more capacity and power without providing pollutants to the environment. Based on this, the tutorial will explain Solenoid Engine, its properties and the applications as well.

Definition of Solenoid Engine

In order to define Solenoid Engine in a simpler diction, it can be the steed that this is generally considered as a magnet that has been made by a coil of wire that has been wound into the helix that is packed tightly. The name can be broken into two segments, where the first segment Solen refers to pipe, the channel (Thepracticalengineer, 2022).

On the other hand, the other half of the name eidos refers to shapes or forms. The core material that has been used in order to form the structure of the engine is ferromagnetic. Ferromagnetic is referred to the lines of magnetic flux that are concentrated. This particular phenomenon helps to increase the inductance of the coil.

Properties of a Solenoid Engine

Solenoid working principle

Figure 1: Solenoid working principle

Several switches are used in the Solenoid Engine as these types of engines have the capability of converting the electric current to an action that is mechanical. In addition, in order to form such a mechanical object, the density of coils is required to be taken under consideration oblong with other determinations like the number of turns and the number of current passes through the coils. These attributes help to determine the power of the magnetic field the engine generates. The uniform magnetic field is identified at the central point of the long solenoid (Ijsdr, 2022).

The field that exists outside of this field is considered weaker as the lines of the magnetic field stay apart. A metallic rod, if placed inside this magnetic field, the rod will be pulled towards it as a change in a magnetic field is determined. The representation of this phenomenon can be done by the formula that is Force on rod = change in the magnetic field energy/distance moved by the rod within the solenoid.

Advantages of Solenoid

The principle advantage that has been provided by the Solenoid is as a switch for power. These switches are generally used in the infrastructures of inductors, antennas, valves and many more. The main purpose of using such a switch is to control the electricity that runs through the valve. In specific kind of door lock system also observed the usage of such switches, as well as these systems of locking doors, are considered the most secure technique. These are mentioned with much security as an electromagnetic field is used.

Application of Solenoid Engine and its types

The incorporation of solenoid engines is quite beneficial as these engines easily transfer electrical energy to mechanical energy. The creation of the magnetic field within the solenoid through the passing of electric currents provides a wide stretch of applications starting from the household appliances to those hobbies and new inventions associated with electronics (Nor, 2019).

Most commonly these are used in automatic mode for switching on and off the current supply. For example, in today's world, the electric torch and engine kill switch work on such phenomena.

However, solenoids are also used in computer printers and injectors for fuel in gears. These engines are comparatively, quick in nature as their reaction time. It is noticed that if the notion of torques is less, then these solenoid machines machines work more efficiently (Woodgears, 2022).

Nowadays, aspects of pollution can be reduced as solenoid engines are the best instead of the usages of fossil fuels by the cars.

Solenoid engines are applied as mechanical forces to valves'', and are primarily used in several door locking applications''. However, they intend to provide secure closure for doors for both domestic and official purposes. There are four major kinds of solenoids'' noticed, such as, DC frame solenoids for D and C'', rotary and linear solenoids'', solenoids that are AC laminated. Moreover, it needs to be understood, that any device that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy can be used as a linear solenoid.

Diagram of a single solenoid electric engine

Figure 2: Diagram of a single solenoid electric engine


In conducting this tutorial it is understood that an intensive study has been conducted to understand the underlying concept associated with solenoids and solenoids engineers. Furthermore, application and benefits are well discussed and it is understood that these engines are free of pollution, and are safe. In addition to these, low maintenance is required for keeping the solenoid engineer running and is quiet in nature.


Q1. What are the things we can incorporate to enhance the solenoid?

Ans: In order to enhance the performance that is conducted by the solenoid is to switch on and off and this can be done with the help of the low side switch of MOSFET. However, it can also be done by the diode of recirculation of current.

Q2. What is to be noticed if the solenoid is working and delivering poor performance?

Ans: The signs that help one to understand that the solenoid engine is not working properly when, after starting, nothing happens, from engine of compartments' ', the clicking sound is heard. The repetition of the clicking sounds may occur that denotes dead battery.

Q3. What are the factors that determine the variety of solenoids?

Ans: The factors that are responsible for determining the variety of solenoids include the material with which it has been constructed and the design of solenoids. Furthermore, the variety of solenoids also depends on functions and its variety. These varieties include, rotary solenoid, solenoid of AC lamination, solenoid of DC C and D frames and linear solenoids.

Updated on: 22-Aug-2023


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