SAP BW - Universal Data Connect

Universal Data Connect (UDC) allows you to access relational and multidimensional data sources and transfer the data in the form of flat data. Multidimensional data is converted to a flat format when the Universal Data Connect is used for data transfer.

UD uses a J2EE connector to allow reporting on SAP and non-SAP data. Different BI Java connectors are available for various drivers, protocols as resource adapters, some of which are as follows −

  • BI ODBO Connector
  • BI JDBC Connector
  • BI SAP Query Connector
  • XMLA Connector

To set up the connection to a data source with source object (Relational/ OLAP) on J2EE engine. Firstly, you have to enable communication between the J2EE engine and the BI system by creating RFC destination from J2EE to BI. Then model the InfoObjects in BI as per the source object elements, and in the BI system determine the data source.

Creating a UD Connect Source System

As mentioned above, you have created an RFC destination through which the J2EE engine and BI allows communication between these two systems.

Go to Administration workbench, RSA1 → Go to Modeling tab → Source Systems.

Creating a UD Connect

Right click on the UD Connect → Create. Then in the next window, enter the following details −

  • RFC Destination for the J2EE Engine
  • Specify a logical system name
  • Type of connector
Type of Connector

Then you should enter the −

  • Name of the connector.
  • Name of the source system if it was not determined from the logical system name.

Once you fill in all these details → Choose Continue.

RFC Destination