SAP BW - MultiProvider

A MultiProvider is known as an InfoProvider that allows you to combine data from multiple InfoProviders and makes it available for reporting purposes.


  • A MultiProvider doesn’t contain any data for reporting and analysis comes from InfoProviders directly on which the MultiProvider is based.

  • These InfoProviders are connected with each other by a Union operation.

  • You can report and analyze the data based on multiple InfoProviders.

MultiProvider Structure

A MultiProvider consists of the following different combinations of InfoProvider types −

  • InfoObject
  • InfoCube
  • DataStore Object
  • Virtual Provider
MultiProvider Structure

To combine the data, a Union operation is used in a MultiProvider. Here, the system constructs the union set of the data sets involved and all the values of these data sets are combined.

In an InfoSet you create the dataset using joins. These joins only combine values that appear in both tables. As compared to a Union, joins form the intersection of the tables.

Creating a MultiProvider

To create a MultiProvider using an InfoObject, each InfoObject that you want to transfer to the MultiProvider should be in an active state. If there is an InfoObject that doesn’t exist, then you need to create it and activate the same.

You can also install a MultiProvider from SAP Business Content if you don’t want to create a new MultiProvider.

To create a MultiProvider, you can go through the following steps −

Creating MultiProvider

Create an InfoArea to which you want to assign the new MultiProvider. Go to Modeling → InfoProvider

In the context menu of the InfoArea, choose Create MultiProvider.

Modeling InfoProvider

In the next window, enter a technical name and a description → Create icon

Create MultiProvider

Select the InfoProvider that you want to form the MultiProvider → Continue. Then the MultiProvider screen appears.


Use drag and drop to transfer the required InfoObjects into your MultiProvider. You can also transfer the entire dimensions.

Transfer Dimension

Use Identify Characteristics and Select Key Figures to make InfoObject assignments between MultiProvider and InfoProvider.

InfoObject assignments

The next step is to save and activate the MultiProvider and only this activated MultiProvider will be available for reporting and analysis.