SAP BW - InfoArea, Object and Catalog

In this chapter, we will discuss in detail about a few SAP BW components called as InfoArea, InfoObject, and Catalog.

InfoArea in SAP BI

InfoArea in SAP BI is used to group similar types of objects together. InfoArea is used to manage InfoCubes and InfoObjects. Each InfoObject resides in an InfoArea and you can define it in a folder which is used to hold similar files together.

How to create an Infoarea?

To create an Infoarea, go to RSA workbench. T-Code: RSA1

InfoArea in SAP BI

Go to Modeling tab → InfoProvider. Right click on Context → Create InfoArea.

Create InfoArea

Enter the name of InfoArea and description, click Continue.

Edit InfoArea

InfoArea created will be shown at the bottom.

Created InfoArea

How to Create an InfoObject and InfoObject Catalog?

InfoObjects are known as the smallest unit in SAP BI and are used in InfoProviders, DSO’s, Multi providers, etc. Each InfoProvider contains multiple InfoObjects.

InfoObjects are used in reports to analyze the data stored and to provide information to the decision makers. InfoObjects can be categorized into the following categories −

  • Characteristics like Customer, Product, etc.
  • Units like Quantity sold, currency, etc.
  • Key Figures like Total Revenue, Profit, etc.
  • Time characteristics like Year, quarter, etc.

InfoObjects are created in the InfoObject Catalog. It is possible that an InfoObject can be assigned to a different Info Catalog.

Creating InfoObject Catalog

T-Code: RSA1

Go to Modeling → InfoObjects → Right Click → Create InfoObject Catalog.

Create InfoObject Catalog

Enter the Technical Name of the InfoObject Catalog and description.

Edit InfoObjects Catalog

Select InfoObject Type − Characteristic option button − This is a characteristic InfoObject Catalog.

Key Figure − This is the InfoObject Catalog that would be created.

Click on the create button. The next step is to save and activate the InfoObject Catalog. A new InfoObject Catalog is created as shown in the following screenshot −

InfoObject List

Edit InfoObject Catalog

Creating InfoObject

To create a InfoObject with characteristics, go to RSA1 and open administration Workbench. Go to Modeling → InfoObjects.

Select My Sales InfoObject Catalog → Right Click → Create InfoObjects.

My Sales InfoObject Catalog

Enter the Technical name of the characteristics and description. You can use the Reference Characteristics if the new characteristics, which have to be created has the same technical properties of an existing characteristic.

You can use template characteristics for a new characteristic that has some of the technical properties of an already existing characteristic. Click Continue.

Create Characteristics

In the next window you will get the Edit Screen of the InfoObject. The InfoObject Edit Screen has 6 following tabs which are also shown in the screenshot as well −

  • General
  • Business Explorer
  • Master Data/Texts
  • Hierarchy
  • Attribute
  • Compounding
Object Status

Once all the fields are defined, click on save and activate.

Creating an InfoObject with Key Figures

To create an InfoObject with characteristics, go to RSA1 and open administration Workbench. Go to Modeling → InfoObjects

InfoObject Key Figures

Go to Not Assigned Key Figures → Right Click → Create InfoObject.


Then you can −

  • Enter the Technical name and description.
  • Enter the Reference Key Figure
  • Enter the Reference template and click on Continue.
Create Key Figures

In Edit characteristics, define the following fields −

  • Type/Unit
  • Aggregation
  • Additional Properties
  • Elimination

Click on save and Activate as shown in the following screenshot. This InfoObject will be saved and Active.

Not Assigned Key Figures

Editing an InfoObject

You can also change an existing InfoObject in Administration Workbench. Select InfoObject you want to maintain → Context menu → Change. You can also use maintain InfoObject icon from the toolbar menu.

Context Menu

This feature allows you to change only some properties of an InfoObject if it is used in the InfoProvider. You can change text and meaning of an InfoObject. The InfoObject with key figures – is not possible if the key figure type, data type or aggregation of the key figure is used in the InfoProvider.

You can use Check function for incompatible changes.

Check function