SAP Basis - System Monitoring


System monitoring involves proactive monitoring of application servers, CPU utilization, database space, monitoring log files, etc.

System monitoring also includes the following −

  • Batch jobs monitoring
  • Database performance monitoring
  • Monitoring application users
  • Spool request monitoring
  • Print requests

To monitor the SAP system, use transaction code — SM51

System Overview

To check the list of processes, go to Processes icon.

Process Overview

To monitor application users, use transaction codes — AL08 and SM04

List of Users

Use transaction code — SM04

Logged On

To monitor update processes, use transaction code — SM13. In User field enter ‘*’ and click on Execute.

Update Requests

If there is no pending request, queue will be empty as in the following screenshot −

Update Records Found Program Administration

The following table shows important transaction codes for system monitoring and performance checks −

Monitoring System Log SM21
Tune Summary ST02
CPU Utilization ST06
ABAP Dumps ST22
Spool Request Monitoring SP01
Monitoring Batch Job SM37
Database Administration DB02
Database backup logs DB12

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