SAP Basis - Deleting a Background Job

You can delete jobs from the SAP system. These jobs may no longer be required and may occupy a lot of space on the system. Jobs can be deleted in the following two ways −

  • Single Job
  • Multiple Jobs

Follow these steps to delete a single job −

Step 1 − Use transaction code — SM37.

Step 2 − Use * in the Job Name column and select the status to see all the jobs created by this user. Also enter the date range as per the requirement and then Execute.

Job Name

Step 3 − Upon execution, all the jobs that have been created by the mentioned user and match the selection criteria are displayed.

Details like Job name, Job Created By, Status, Start date, Duration, Delay, etc. are shown. Select the job you want to delete from the database → Delete

Job Overview Delete

Step 4 − To delete multiple jobs, use transaction code — SE38. Use report — RSBTCDEL2 (New version of RSBTCDEL). Old job logs will be deleted and will not show in the job overview. Enter program and click on Execute.

ABAP Editor

Step 5 − In the next screen, enter the details such as the Job Name you want to delete. You can put * to indicate all jobs. If you want to delete jobs from a specific user, enter the username.

Step 6 − Mention the status of Jobs to be deleted and the time period of deletion.

Step 7 − Specify Commit — Commit value is proportional to program performance. If the commit value is high, then job deletion will run faster. Recommended value is >= 1000.

Step 8 − Check Test run to simulate the deletion and this way jobs will not be deleted. When you are sure, uncheck the Test run and press Execute.

Deletion Jobs

Step 9 − When you click on Test run, it will show you the list of all jobs matching the criteria. If there is any change you want to make, you can do it before completing the deletion.

Job List