SAP APO - Service Part Planning

Service Part Planning (SPP) function deals with service parts starting from raising a demand for the part to the delivery of the product. SPP is done using bill of distribution, which contains the location. During SPP, you consider all the characteristics of the product – the location where this product is most required, sales behavior of the product, and slow or fast moving product, etc.

There are different general functions in the Supply Chain, which is relevant for SPP −

Procurement Lead Times

It is defined as the time required to transport products from one location to other.


Worklist contains all the queries for which an action has to be taken. The queries are related to planning and analysis results and can also be used by a planner to get some information related to SPP.

Contract Packager

Each Contract Packager contains locations where goods are repacked. Each location is part of bills of distribution.

Main Supplier

When you have multiple suppliers assigned to a location, the system identifies one supplier as the mail supplier using SPP analysis and reporting function.


Triggers are generated at certain places as a result of the events created. For example, when master data related to SPP is changed, it can result a trigger.

Planning Service Manager

PSM is used to run the planning profile in the background. To schedule the planning services in PSM, navigate to SCM Basis → Planning Service Manager → Current Settings → Define Selection.

Planning Service Manager


Rounding function is used to round the quantities to pack sizes. You can define one or more packaging specifications under SAP Easy Access. Navigate to SAP Easy Access → Advanced Planning and Optimization → Service Parts Planning → Environment → Packaging Specifications → Maintain Packaging Specification.


In Packaging Specification overview window, you can create, edit, and/or delete the existing packaging specifications.

Packaging Specification

Delivery and Shipment

All the deliveries and shipments for which goods issue are posted in R/3 system, they remain available in SAP APO. Shipments that are not planned in Transport Planning/Vehicle Scheduling, are automatically removed from APO system. Shipment which are set to shipment End in R/3, the system considers these as not relevant and they are not displayed in search results.

To delete shipments and delivery in SAP APO system, you can perform it as a background job. To delete these, navigate to SAP Easy Access → Advanced Planning and Optimization → Transport Planning/Vehicle Scheduling → Planning → Delete Deliveries or Delete Shipment.

Delete Shipments

These deletions are performed from LiveCache. You will be prompted if you want to delete deliveries/orders with quantity 0.

LiveCache Changes

When you click Yes, logs will be displayed. You can click the Detailed Information button to check the log details.

Display Logs