SAP APO - Administration

In SAP APO Administration, following are the different options related to administrative activities −

  • SAP LiveCache Administration
  • Integration Options
  • Monitoring
  • Optimization
  • Consistency Check
Administrative Activities

SAP APO Performance Monitor

In Performance Monitor, you can monitor the behavior of planning run in APO system. You can perform detailed analysis of the application in APO - Planning Service Manager, Demand Planning and PP/DS, Supply Network Planning (SNP), Global Available-ToPromise (ATP), etc.

Performance Monitor can be called using SAP Easy Access → Advanced Planning and Optimization → APO Administration → APO Performance Monitor.

SAP APO Performance Monitor

In the next window, you can see the navigation tree where you can select the respective application. You have the list of applications, Demand Planning → Statistics Mass Processing.

Mass Processing

When you double-click any of the options, the system collects the data and displays on the screen in the right pane. You can also identify certain customizing settings to improve the performance.

Customizing Settings

Similarly, you can access the data and analyze it related to other applications − Supply Network Planning → SNP Heuristic Statistics.

SNP Heuristic Statistics