Python – Sort Matrix by Palindrome count

When it is required to sort matrix based on palindrome count, a method is defined that takes a list as parameter. It uses the list comprehension and ‘join’ method to iterate and see if an element is a palindrome or not. Based on this, results are determined and displayed.


Below is a demonstration of the same

def get_palindrome_count(row):
   return len([element for element in row if''.join(list(reversed(element))) == element])
my_list = [["abcba", "hdgfue", "abc"], ["peep"],["py", "is", "best"],["sees", "level", "non", "noon"]]

print("The list is :")


print("The resultant list is :")


The list is :
[['abcba', 'hdgfue', 'abc'], ['peep'], ['py', 'is', 'best'], ['sees', 'level', 'non', 'noon']]
The resultant list is :
[['py', 'is', 'best'], ['abcba', 'hdgfue', 'abc'], ['peep'], ['sees', 'level', 'non', 'noon']]


  • A method named ‘get_palindrome_count’ is defined that takes a list as parameter.

  • List comprehension is used to iterate over the list and see if the element is a palindrome or not.

  • If yes, it is returned.

  • Outside the method, a list of list with string values is defined and is displayed on the console.

  • The ‘sort’ method is used to sort the list based on the key being the previously defined method.

  • This is displayed as the output on te console.

Updated on: 14-Sep-2021


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