Python Program to Find the Gravitational Force Acting Between Two Objects

When it is required to find the gravitational force that acts between the two objects, a method named ‘find_gravity’ is used, and three parameters are passed to it.

Below is the demonstration of the same −


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def find_gravity(m_1, m_2, r):
   G_val = 6.673*(10**-11)
   F_val = (G_val*m_1*m_2)/(r**2)

   return round(F_val, 2)

m_1 = 6000000
m_2 = 1000000
r = 45
print("The gravitational force is: ")
print(find_gravity(m_1, m_2, r), "N")


The gravitational force is:
0.2 N


  • A method named ‘find_gravity’ is defined, that takes three parameters.

  • The gravitational force, and the gravitational constant are determined, and the force value is returned as output.

  • Outside the method, three integers are defined.

  • The method is called by passing these values as parameters.

  • The output is displayed on the console.

Updated on: 19-Apr-2021


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