Python program to count number of vowels using set in a given string

In this program, given a user input string. We have to count number of vowels in this string. Here we use set in Python. Set is an unordered collection data type that is iterable, mutable and no duplicate elements.


Input str1=pythonprogram
Output 3


Step 1: first we use one counter variable which is used to count the vowels in the string.
Step 2: creating a set of vowels.
Step 3: then traverse the every alphabet in the given string.
Step 4: if alphabet is present in the vowel set then counter incremented by 1.
Step 5: After the completion of traversing print counter variable.

Example Code

# Program to count vowel in
# a string using set
   def countvowel(str1):
      c = 0
      # Creating a set of vowels
      v = set(s)
      # Loop to traverse the alphabet
      # in the given string
      for alpha in str1:
      # If alphabet is present
      # in set vowel
      if alpha in v:
      c = c + 1
   print("No. of vowels ::>", c)
# Driver code
str1 = input("Enter the string ::>")


Enter the string ::>pythonprogram
No. of vowels ::> 3

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Samual Sam

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Updated on: 25-Jun-2020


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