Program for Area Of Square in C++

We are given with a side of a rectangle and our task is to print the area of the square from that side.

Square is 2-D plain figure which have 4 sides and forms 4 angles of 90degree each and all the sides are of equal shape. In other words we can say that the square is a form of rectangle with equal sides.

Given below is representation of a square −

The Area of square is Side x Side


Input: 6
Output: 36
As the side is 6 so the output is 6*6=36
Input: 12
Output: 144


   Step 1-> Declare a function int area(int side)
   In function area
      Declare a variable area and set it as side * side
      Return area
   Step 2 -> Declare a function int main()
   In main Function
   Declare a variable side and Set a Value
   Call function area(side)


#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
//funcion to calculate area of square
int area(int side){
   int area = side * side;
   return area;
// Driver Code
int main(){
   int side = 40;
   cout <<"area of square is :"<<area(side);
   return 0;


area of square is :1600

Updated on: 23-Sep-2019


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