C Program for Area And Perimeter Of Rectangle

Given a length and breadth of a rectangle we have to find its area and Perimeter.

Rectangle is 2-D figure containing four sides and four angles of 90 degree each. All the sides of rectangle are not equal only the opposite sides of a rectangle are equal. The diagonals in a rectangle also are of the same length.

Below is a diagrammatic representation of rectangle.

Here A represents the breadth and B represents length of the rectangle.

To find the Area of a rectangle the formula is: Length x Breadth

And Perimeter of a rectangle is − 2 x (Length+Breadth).


Input: 20 30
Output: area of rectangle is : 600
   perimeter of rectangle is : 100


   In Function int area(int a, int b)
   Step 1 -> Declare an integer ‘area’ and store a * b in it
   Step 2 -> Return area.
   In Function int perimeter(int a, int b)
   Step 1-> Declare an integer ‘perimeter’ and store 2*(a + b) in it
   Step 2-> Return perimeter
   In int main()
   Step 1 -> Declare two integers ‘length’, ‘breadth’
   Step 2 -> Print area(length,breadth)
   Step 3 -> Print perimeter(length, breadth);


//function to calculate area
int area(int a, int b) {
   int area = a * b;
   return area;
//function to calculate perimeter
int perimeter(int a, int b){
   int perimeter = 2*(a + b);
   return perimeter;
int main(){
   int length= 20;
   int breadth = 30;
   printf("area of rectangle is : %d
",area(length,breadth));    printf("perimeter of rectangle is : %d",perimeter(length, breadth));    return 0; }


area of rectangle is : 600
perimeter of rectangle is : 100

Updated on: 23-Sep-2019

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