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TV Show Host. University Professor. Executive. Entrepreneur. 

Christine has won awards in all categories due to her unique talents and perspective. As a TV Shopping Personality, she sold millions of dollars' worth of goods. She has also trained other TV and Radio Show Hosts in salesmanship, voice, and effective communications. Now, as a professor at the Dan Patrick School of Sportscasting in the state of Florida (in the United States), she teaches broadcast speaking, storytelling and performance. She's had the pleasure of guiding countless students towards achieving their broadcasting dreams.

In her career, Christine has trained professional TV & Radio Show Hosts, TV Shopping Personalities, News Anchors, Sportscasters, Commentators, Field Reporters, Digital Media Reporters, Voice-Over Actors, Podcasters, Shout-casters, Influencers, Business Executives, TEDTalk Presenters, and Others. 

She's taught them How To Be Personable, How To Be Appealing, How to Compel and Engage an Audience, How to Sell, and More.

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