Which of the following is not a polynomial?(a) $x^{2}+\sqrt{2} x+3$ (b) $x^{3}+3 x^{2}-3$ (c) $6 x+4$ d) $x^{2}-\sqrt{2 x}+6$

Given :

The algebraic expressions are given.

To do :

We have to find which of the given expressions is not a polynomial.

Solution :

Polynomials: Polynomials are expressions in which each term is a constant multiplied by a variable raised to a whole number power.

 $x^{2}+\sqrt{2} x+3$, $x^{3}+3 x^{2}-3$, $6 x+4$ are polynomials.

$x^{2}-\sqrt{2 x}+6$ in this expression x is raised to the power $\frac{1}{2}$. It is not a whole number.

Therefore, $x^{2}-\sqrt{2 x}+6$ is not a polynomial among the given expressions.


x2+2x+3,x3+3x23,6x+4x^{2} +\sqrt{2} x+3, x^3+3x^2-3, 6x+4

Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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