What is the difference between chemical change and physical change?

Physical change is the change of that matter where only the appearance or molecular arrangement of matter changes without changing its composition.

Chemical change: The change in which chemical properties of the matter change is known as chemical change. During a chemical reaction, the chemical bonds between the molecules are broken and rearranged, and new bonds are formed resulting in the formation of new compounds.

The difference between Chemical Change and Physical Change are as follows:

1. Change is temporary. 1. Change is permanent.
2. No new substance is formed. There is change only in physical properties of matter like shape, size, etc. Ex- melting of wax or candle. 2. New substances are formed with entirely different physical and chemical properties.
3. Change can be reversed by a simple physical method. Ex- ice into vapours. 3. Change can’t be reversed by a simple physical method. Ex- cooking, baking.
4. Energy may or may not be released or absorbed. 4. Energy is released or absorbed during a chemical change.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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