Is A Teared Paper Chemical Change And Inreversable Change And Is Opening And Closing Cupboard A Reversable And Physical Change

Q)Is tearing a paper a chemical change and an irreversible change? Is opening and closing of a cupboard a reversable and a physical change?


Physical changes are reversible and there are no new chemical substances formed in a  physical change. Whereas chemical changes are irreversible changes and new chemical substances are formed during chemical changes.

Tearing a paper is NOT a chemical change and NOT an irreversible change?

Tearing a paper is a physical change as no new substances are formed and is reversible. Torn paper can be put back together using a cello tape.

Similarly, closing or opening a cupboard is also a physical change and not a chemical change. It is reversible and no new chemical substances are form in such a change.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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