What is mitosis ?

Mitosis is a vegetative division in which parent cell make their exact replicas as a daughter cell. In meiosis the parent cell gets divided into four haploid daughter cells.

There are six stages of mitosis such as:

1. Interphase: It is not part of mitosis; however the cell spends a period growth in interphase before entering mitosis.

2. Prophase: It is the first and largest phase of mitosis in which and chromatin gets condensed into chromosome. The centrioles split and move to the opposite ends.

3. Prometaphase: The nuclear membrane breaks down. The microtubules get attached with the kinetochores and allow chromosome to move around.

4. Metaphase: The microtubules pull chromosomes with equal force so it moves to the center of the cell.

5. Anaphase: The sister chromatids splits and become the chromosomes of daughter nuclei

6. Telophase: It is the final stage in which the replicated and paired chromosomes are separated. They are pulled at the opposite ends of the pole.


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Updated on: 29-Mar-2023


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