What are the three major types of plants?

The three major types of plants are:-

1. Angiosperms- These are the flowering plants of the world. They can produce flowers and fruit, and their seeds are enclosed inside a protective shell called 'Fruit'. They are grown for ornamental plants, food production and many other purposes.

Examples- Trees, Shrubs, Herbs, Roses and Lilies.

They are further subdivided into monocotyledons and dicotyledons.

2. Gymnosperms- These are cone and seed-bearing plants, in which seeds are hidden in cone scales rather than protected by fruit.

Examples- Conifers, Pine, Firs, Cedars, and the Redwoods.

3. Pteridophytes- These are spore-bearing plants, which produces clusters of spore cases on the underside of fern fronds (leaves) which appear as small brown spots as they mature. They are commonly known as ferns.

Examples- Maidenhair, Holly and Fishbone ferns.

Updated on: 31-Mar-2023


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