What are insectivorous plants? Explain with two examples, how they trap and consume insects?

Insectivorous plants are the plants that feed on insects for their nutrition and growth. These plants are also termed as carnivorous plants.

Insectivorous plants prepare majority of the food by themselves, but they lack some of the crucial nutrients like nitrogen as they grow in nitrogen deficient soil. Therefore, they eat some insects, rodents, flies, and some arthropods and fulfill these nutrient requirement. Hence they are said to be partial heterotrophs.

These plants are very colorful to attract their prey like insects. Examples include Venus flytrap, pitcher plants, cape sundew, and many more. They most common trapping mechanisms carnivorous plants use are flypaper traps, pitfall traps, bladder traps, snap traps, lobster-pot traps, and combination traps.


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Updated on: 31-Mar-2023


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