What are amphoteric oxides? Give an example. Write balanced chemical equations to justify your answer.

Amphoteric oxides are oxides of metals that have both acidic as well as basic behaviour. Such metallic oxides react with acids as well as a base to produce salt and water. It can accept or donate the proton or H+ ion, therefore, appearing as an acid or a base. 
 Examples of Amphoteric oxides are aluminum oxide(Al2O3) and zinc oxide(ZnO).
In base: $\ ZnO\ +\ 2\ NaOH\ +\ H_{2} O\rightarrow \ Na_{2}[ Zn( OH)_{4}]$
          Zinc Oxide + Sodium HydroxideSodium Zinc Hydroxide
In acid: $ZnO\ +\ H_{2} SO_{4}\rightarrow \ ZnSO_{4} +\ H_{2} O$
      Zinc Oxide + Sulphuric Acid  Zinc Sulphate + Water


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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