Try growing a sweet potato in just water. Describe your experiment and observations.


Sweet potatoes are dicotyledonous plants in the morning glory family, thus they require more sunlight and care than an ivy plant.


Aim: To grow sweet potatoes in water.


  1. Fill a jar two-thirds full of water and immerse a sweet potato in it.
  2. Two-thirds of the sweet potato must remain immersed in water. So, using toothpicks, impale the potato in order to hang the above-mentioned piece of the potato within the water.
  3. Maintain the arrangement in direct sunlight.


Check the jar on a regular basis, adding water as required to keep the potato bottom moist. The bottom of the potato will soon produce sprouts. These shoots reveal the beginnings of roots. Small leaves will sprout from the top after a week. 

Within two to three weeks, you should see some vine shoots emerging from the potato. To get a bushy look, cut the vines when they grow too long.

Maintain a constant water level in the jar to keep the sweet potato bottom moist. Vines will appear a few days after the first leaves appear. You should have numerous tall vines with green leaves after two to three weeks. You may keep watering your potatoes in the jar as usual.


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Updated on: 09-Jan-2023


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