Describe the ‘Greenhouse Effect’ in your own words.

A greenhouse is generally a glass house that is often used for growing plants in controlled conditions. It is known as a greenhouse because the heat entering the glasshouse becomes trapped inside it due to the presence of glass and thus maintains the warmth inside the glasshouse.

Such houses are used in lower-temperature regions to cultivate plants in a controlled environment. Greenhouses can also possess controllers like temperature, moisture, and light as per requirements to maintain optimum conditions for plants to grow.

The greenhouse effect means the warming of the earth’s environment. When the sun’s ray falls on the earth, a part of the radiation that falls on the earth is absorbed by it and a part is reflected back into space.

Greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere trap these radiations and do not allow heat to leave. This helps in keeping our planet warm and thus helps in survival. CO2, methane and CO are the gases responsible for this effect.


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