Three appliances are connected in parallel to the same source which provides a voltage of 220 V. A fuse connected to the source will blow if the current from the source exceeds 10 A. If the three appliances are rated at 60 W, 500 W and 1200 W at 220 V, will the fuse blow?


Voltage of power supply, V = 220 V
Power rating of the first appliance, P1 = 60 W
Power rating of the second appliance, P2 = 500 W
Power rating of the third appliance, P3 = 1200 W

Now, the total power of these three appliances = 60 + 500 + 1200 = 1760 W

We know that-
$P=V\times I$
Substituting the given values we get-
$1760=220\times I$
So, the net current drawn by all the appliances is 8A. 

It is given that the rating of the fuse is 10 A, and the required current is 8A. Therefore, all the appliances will work normally and the fuse will not blow because the current capacity of the fuse is more than the value of current drawn by the devices.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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