Put your ideas together and write a short note on the importance of knowing facts about reproduction.

Knowing the facts about reproduction is important as it provides us the knowledge about the formation of new life. It also provides a scientific understanding of terms like gestation period, pregnancy, fetus, birth control, menstruation, copulation, and continuation of species.

An individual should have a basic understanding of males' and females' reproductive systems and structures and their role in producing new life on earth.

It will also impart knowledge on producing a limited number of offspring and their role in population increase.

Extra information:

Reproduction in living organisms is the vital process of producing offspring that are biologically or genetically similar to the parent organism.

It is essential to maintain the continuity of species on the earth.

For example: If there are only 20 Tigers in the forest and if they do not reproduce, new tigers will not be added to the existing population and species can extinct from the forest.

Sexual reproduction brings about maximum variations in the offsprings as it involves the fusion of two different gametes (male and female gametes) from two different individuals.

The basic difference between the asexual and sexual methods of reproduction are:

Asexual ReproductionSexual Reproduction
In asexual reproduction, the offspring arises from a single type of parent.In sexual reproduction, the offspring arises from two different sexes of parents or involves two different types of gametes.
ExampleAmoeba, Hydra, Planaria, Spirogyra, etc.Example: Dog, Tiger, Human being, etc.


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Updated on: 06-Jan-2023


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