Nuclear fission reactions are not a source of energy for one of the following. This is:(a) atom bomb (b) power plants (c) sun (d) pacemaker

 (c) sun


Except for the Sun, the source of energy for the atom bomb, power plants and pacemaker is nuclear fission reactions.

Nuclear fusion reactions are the source of the Sun’s phenomenal energy production. 

Nuclear fusion is defined as the combining of two lighter nuclei into a heavier one through a nuclear reaction. Light nuclei have to be heated to extremely high temperature, which results in the production of a relatively high amount of energy.

The Sun contains Hydrogen and Helium atoms, where hydrogen fuses in a heavy amount [620 billion Kg of Hydrogen nuclei (protons) into Helium nuclei] every second to produce 384.6 trillion Joules of energy per second and make the sun a nearly inexhaustible source of energy.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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