Which of the following is not an example of a bio-mass energy source?
$(a)$ wood
$(b)$ gobar-gas
$(c)$ nuclear energy
$(d)$ coal

Correct Answer is : $(c)$ nuclear energy


Biomass is the organic matter like dead parts of plants and trees and the waste material of animals which are used as a fuel to produce energy.

Examples of biomass energy:
Wood, agricultural wastes, cow dung, and biogas are some examples of biomass energy.

Nuclear energy$\rightarrow$
Nuclear energy $(Atomic\ energy)$ is also known as nuclear energy refers to the energy released through fission and fusion of the nucleus of an atom to generate heat and electricity.

Examples of Nuclear energy-
Solar energy produced due to nuclear fusion and electricity generated by an atomic reactor are examples of nuclear energy.

Therefore, nuclear energy is not an example of a bio-mass energy source as it is derived from atomic fusion or atomic fission.

Therefore, option [$(c)$ nuclear energy ] is correct.

Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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